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Room Rules

Welcome to HALF Hotel. We would like to introduce you to house rules to make your stay as pleasant as possible. Please contact the Hotel manager or Host for any queries or information you may need.

  • Upon arrival at HALF, guests are to present their personal identification documents (passport or personal ID card) of all persons in your party to the facility host for registration with the authorities. It is best if you get along a photocopy of your id to avoid handing over the original documents. You will also be asked to fill up a registration form.

  • Your host is available for any information or assistance you may require during your stay. Your host can give you guidance on how to organize your trip or advise you on available options in Goa for sightseeing, well-known restaurants and bars and the nightlife. A short guide has also been sent to you with the arrival info pack for reference and guidance.

  • Our Hotel follows a standard check-in time of 14:00 hrs. and thereafter and check-out time of 10:00 hrs. However, we are flexible on early check-in and late check-out subject to the availability of rooms and a surcharge that will apply. Please keep us informed of your plans in advance and early/late check-in/out. Additional charges will be commensurate with the room booked.

  • There is no parking inside the property but ample parking in front of the Hotel so do not worry in case your party has more than 1 vehicle.

  • Pets are STRICTLY not allowed.

  •  Smoking is not permitted indoors at HALF Hotel and is permitted only in open areas of the property like outdoors, pool area, etc. Please do not discard cigarette stubs on the property, courtyard, or outside it and please take all fire prevention precautions for the safety of others and yourself.

  • It is also forbidden to throw garbage in the toilets and other places around the property that are not provided for it by way of dustbins or in the yard near the Hotel.

  • Bed linen and towels are changed when required. However lets keep in mind conservation of energy and water resources and avoid as far as possible unnecessary changes.

  • Please do not leave any important belongings unattended, like cameras, jewelries, important documents, cash cellphones, watches, laptops, ipod, etc. anywhere outside your room or within the hotel premises common facilities as there could be other guests as well. The hotel management will not liable for any losses or damage. If this occurs please report right away to the Hotel Manager. Do not leave valuables in automobiles as well on the road side.

  • As part of our approach to conserve energy, please turn off our lights and air-conditioning when you are out of your room or Hotel. We highly appreciate if you switch off all lights and Aircon when not required.

  • For a peaceful atmosphere and also to avoid disturbance to other guests and neighbors, we suggest all possible peace along the Hotel, living areas & outdoors at all times. NO POOL PARTIES AS THIS IS A HOTEL AND LOCATED IN A RESIDENTIAL ZONE.

  • In continuation of the above point, please note there shall be no loud music or outside rental speakers or amplified music systems allowed on the property. As the Hotel is situated in a residential area we strongly believe in preserving the peace and quiet nature of the place and respect the neighborhood so neighbors do not get disturbed. Guests who cause a nuisance on the property and do not pay heed to advice from Hotel Manager will be evicted. The same applies to shouting and screaming at late hours which should be controlled on property lawns. There is no swimming allowed after 7pm in the evening due to disturbance to neighbors and other property guests and also filtration/chemical treatment of the water that is done post pool operational hours.

  • Please strictly follow the pool rules as per enclosed and also pass on to the rest in your party.

  • Free WIFI is available at the premises. Kindly ask the manager the UN and PW upon arrival.

  • Mosquitoes are common to the Indian Sub-Continent and always suggested to carry mosquito repellants when visiting Goa.

  • You will be provided with breakfast either complimentary or paid for on site (as per the reservation and OTA the reservation is made on and paid for).

  • The guests can use the pool at their own risk and confirm to mind all children at all times when in the pool and also outside 24 x 7. The guests confirm in case of injury or any other accident, by virtue of receipt of these ‘House Rules’ and enclosed ‘Pool Rules’ the guests have waived their rights to any kind of claims towards the Hotel, owner and caretaker/staff and fully indemnify and hold harmless Hotel owner and Hotel Manager/staff. Please ask the care taker for towels, when heading out to the pool for a swim. Please pay attention and adhere to the ‘Pool Rules’ available besides the swimming pool of the Hotel.

  • Adjustment at rhythm of life and habits - We expect that you will adjust yourself to the relaxed rhythm of life in Goa with the village susegad lifestyle (away from all the beach belt madness, noise and pollution and far away from your metropolitan city life). Please refer things to be done around the villa and in Goa.

Directions to the place:​

When you reach Kamat Holiday Homes in Calangute on the Chog M Road headed towards Candolim please key in the below GPS co-ordinates to make it to the Hotel. In case of any difficulties the please call the property manager.​


GPS co-ordinates for ½ Calangute

  • N 15° 31’ 50.35”

  • E 73° 46’ 10.24”

Pool Rules

For the comfort, health and safety of our guests please follow the below rules at all times while using the swimming pool: 

  • Use the pool clean and obey the basic hygenic norms.

  • Do not use the pool in case of any present and/or doubtful health disorder.

  • Do not enter the pool right after a meal. Also, refrain from entering the pool after alcohol intake.

  • Take a shower before entering the pool

  • Use proper swimwear in the pool area.

  • Do not bring room towels to the pool.

  • Refrain from doing any kinds of dangerous activities in or around the poolside (wrestling, ball games, water splashing, etc.)

  • Do not permit children with diapers or without swimwear into the pool or by the poolside.

  • Do not permit children under 14 to use the pool without any parental supervision (parents are responsible for their children's own safety.).

  • Do not use the pool after 19:00 hrs while it is being cleaned, chemically treated and disinfected. This is also to avoid disturbance to neighbors and other hotel guests.

  • Use the pool only between 08:00 to 19:00 hours.

  • Do not leave any valuables around the pool area.

  • Use the changing room as needed.

  • The hotel will and cannot be held responsible for the accidents that may realize by not obeying the rules mentioned above or for the valuable items missing around the pool area.

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